Introducing Moonpad 100% Community-Driven Fundraising Platform & Audit Service For Binance Smart Chain

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4 min readMay 6, 2021


The digital money market is becoming more and more exciting, the coins with great applicability in the future holds so much promises to usher in a whole new digital era.
Wall Street banks also offer crypto investment channels to customers. Blockchain classes for kids are born and more cryptocurrencies are present in the global investment market.
One of the major barriers that make digital currencies difficult to reach to more people is because of trading, staking and auditing them are still extremely complicated, there are too many procedures and especially the high costs.
Lots of great and potential BSC projects out there but they are “frozed” by huge issuance costs and because they do not find the right platform to find Investors neither meet the complicated audit requirements.
The cryptocurrency market is lacking a connected platform where it is possible to create a strong community, help ease many unnecessary processes and investors can proactively find suitable projects from the very beginning.




Moonpad is a platform to raise funds directly from the community for startups. Eliminating the traditional KYC processes and after receiving information about the projects, Moonpad community will decide for themselves which projects are listed to raise funds through voting. At this time, IDO can directly convince investors about their potential of development to win capital opportunities. Simple and transparent, all projects can receive investment when they come to us without a doubt.
BSC is no longer the play ground of the giants, you and your team will also find the most effective fundraising opportunity by registering through Moonpad.



Moonpad provides the most affordable in-depth audit service in the market.
Strictly audit process with 3 steps following:
1. Review the line-by-line code manually to make sure the logic behind each function is reasonable and safe from common attack vectors.
2. Simulate hundreds of thousands of interactions with your Smart Contract on a test blockchain using a combination of automated and manual testing tools to determine if there are any security holes or not.
3. Consult with the team to make recommendations and resolve any outstanding issues; then synthesize the results and complete an easy-to-read report to clarify any risks that exist to the project or its users.
At the same time, IDO projects on Moonpad platform will be audited by us before opening the pool to increase the quality as well as the transparency and reputation of projects launching on our platform, ensuring the security for investors to build a clean and strong binance smart chain ecosystem!
Moonpad is committed to high audit quality, along with the fastest audit process!

✔️ MoonPadCapital Investment Fund

MoonPadCapital Investment Fund

According to the development roadmap, we will set up MoonPadCapital Investment Fund in the fourth quarter of this year. With an available fundraising foundation, a tight audit service and a leadership team with many years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, we’re confident to be the first investment fund that can appraise and orient the capital flow for investors, which in turn enabled higher winning rates by sponsoring small and medium startups or startups that has real potential and want to grow to have a place to rely on the digital money market.
With the ambition of non-stop development, our goal is to fund 10 start-ups successfully and for our fund capitalization to achieve $500 million which will help dozens of investors to make significant profits by 2022.

The development opportunities at Moonpad are always open to you and your team.

Join our flexible, efficient fundraising and auditing network today!











Moonpad Official Account

Moonpad — 100% community-driven fundraising platform and audit service for Binance Smart Chain.